Technology is part of this zeitgeist. It has become essential in our daily lives and is becoming more and more important by the year. It gets to the point where we are so caught up with all these machines that we can not imagine a life without them. In a way you have become a cyborg. Maybe not literally, but you can say that we have merged with machines, because we rely a lot on them. In particular, your phone has become an extension of your human body.

Believe us if we say that we love technology. We just think that we need to find a good balance between using technology and being human. Sometimes you just need to step back and do you. To disconnect from technology and connect with the real world. To mute all the noise in your head. To see the world you don’t want to escape from.

SS18 NEXUS is all about becoming more con- nected with yourself, other people and the planet. While moderating the connection between you and your smartphone and the internet.


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