ATHRTY is a streetwear brand that has its roots in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Born from the idea of providing accessible and stylish items to wear for both men and women, we found our power in providing essentials that are timeless and unisex. Our collections are designed and produced in the Netherlands in small quantities, which results in a more sustainable and conscious approach towards consumerism. ATHRTY stands for affordable essentials with a sprinkle of techwear and fashion with a clean aesthetic.

The ATHRTY team continues to bring two main collections every year, together with collabs and our permanent collection. All of this is brought to you by our team of fashion-minded people. The team consists of members that have their own skills and knowledge, which results in a solid core for ATHRTY.

Core  A T H R T Y






Y of YOU



Since the first collection was showcased in Amsterdam during the fall/ winter 2017 season, ATHRTY has been focussing on people that enjoy expressing themselves through their own personal style. Through collabs with creatives, small businesses and our community, we strive to produce alluring content and valuable connections.

There is no ATHRTY without YOU, our community. We strive to expand, involve, and reward the community more.


ATHRTY is a streetwear brand where aesthetics and comfort go hand in hand. The collections are timeless and some pieces can be worn all year round. The collections are a well-balanced curation of monochromatic basics and more experimental pieces.

The fabrics are carefully selected to make sure that quality is ensured together with a good fit. We tend to go for a more oversized and relaxed fit. ATHRTY is accessible to men and women, which means that all collections are genderless.


All of ATHRTY’s garments and accessories are produced in the Netherlands. We value local production and labour and appreciate the sustainable and ethical benefits that come with this. Therefore, our collections are produced in small quantities, have a limited stock and are made with a lot of care. This results in less waste and more exclusivity.

We strive to use more environmentally preferred fabrics and materials so we can minimize our environmental impact.

ATHRTY believes in building valuable relationships that are built upon fair labour and trust. We work with a small number of workshops, suppliers and partners in the Netherlands. All garments are designed and produced in the Netherlands, as well as the sourcing for the fabrics and sewing supplies.

After doing research about the market, brainstorming and collecting inspiration and ideas, we decide on the colors, fabrics and overall concept for the collection.

The sewing patterns are made in-house and pattern plotting follows naturally. This way the process for producing samples and collections can be done efficiently.