ATHRTY Amsterdam is a fashion label, that can be described as a brand with an eye for minimalism, a love for aesthetics and the passion to deliver creativity. ATHRTY is all about the Urban Warrior; men and women with a great sense of style, who love the vibes of the big city, who are creative and bold, and foremost people who like to express themselves through fashion.

Our mission is to transform the wearer into an undeniable authority. When he or she wears ATHRTY, they would feel more confident and the center of attention. The purpose is to create a remarkable appearance and to distinguish the wearer from all people surrounding the Urban Warrior. The final product can be traced back to inspiration from nature, architecture, art, history and mankind. We call this Fuel, and this is basically our nourishment to provide Urban Warriors of nice (innovative) garments.

All of ATHRTY’s garments and accessories are produced in the Netherlands. We value local production and labour and appreciate the sustainable and ethical benefits that come with this. Therefore, our collections are produced in small quantities, have a limited stock and are made with a lot of care.

Core A T H R T Y

A of Androgyny

T of Transfiguration

H of Homeostasis

R of Revolution

T of Tangibility

Y of Youngsters


The ATHRTY team consists of five founders. Every single one of us have their own skills and knowledge. With backgrounds in IT, e-commerce, marketing, sales and styling and great affection for fashion, we form a solid core for our brand.