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HABITAT | SS23 SS23 HABITAT explores the beauty and diversity of kelp forests. These underwater paradises provide a habitat for thousands of marine species. Kelp forests are recognized as one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on Earth. Other-worldly creatures, plants, and archaeological riches are found nowhere else on Earth. Nature has always been an important source [...]


DESTINATION | FW22 ‘DESTINATION’ is the name of the fall/winter 2022 collection. This collection finds its inspiration in the EU passport and what it represents. For ATHRTY a passport symbolizes escapism, wanderlust and inclines intercultural and interpersonal connections. Being able to travel is one of the greatest gifts in life.  Travel has always been an [...]


PELAGIA | SS21 SS21 PELAGIA is inspired by the beauty, elegance and significance of jellyfish. The collection name ‘pelagia’ comes from Greek and carries the meaning ‘from the sea’.  Like every collection, we named the items after elements of the theme. In this case, the items are named after notable jellyfish. Also we translated typical [...]


NETSU | FW20 For our fall/winter20 collection we found inspiration in one of the most powerful, yet beautiful forces that can be found in nature. We are wildly inspired by volcanoes and their remarkable presence on this planet. The name of our collection is NETSU. The word ‘netsu’ is Japanese and means ‘high temperature’. The [...]


MUREX | SS19 Celebrating the color of creativity, escape and visionary thinking. The spring/summer collection MUREX is named after the large sized predatory sea snails murex that were historically used to make a purple dye for garments for prestigious people. SS19 MUREX is all about the celebration of the color purple – one of the [...]
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